28th July 2012 – Tree Identification Walk

http://nalandacharitabletrust.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://nalandacharitabletrust.org/gallery/ http://invizaudio.com/?=levitra-fatty-foods http://desertland.us/?kamagra=kamagra-oral-jelly-for-men http://guidarini-salvadeo.it/?id=4 whats better cialis or viagra viagra cialis levitra comparison priligy kur pirkt The course was fully booked with nearly 30 people attending. Led by Mike Phillips of the Mid Kent Downs Project, the day was very informative and interesting. In Day Valley, Mike had collected several bags of leaves and twigs from different species and the first task was to identify as many as we could. This was followed by a walk around the wood, trying to put our newly acquired knowledge into practice.