14th – 16th January 2010 – Kent Mammal Group – Small Mammal Survey

http://desertland.us/?kamagra=kamagra-oral-jelly-for-men melograno viagra naturale priligy fda approval 2014 how to take levitra viagra vs levitra http://bedlinen123.com/wp-comments-post.php cheap levitra online Despite deep snow and freezing temperatures the small mammal survey went ahead as planned. It was led by Dan Bennett of the KMG who informed helpers that the bad weather may actually encourage more mammals to seek refuge in the traps. 50 traps were set on the first day and were monitored twice the following day. On the last day, the traps were monitored and collected. On each monitoring visit, the traps were emptied, the occupant (if any) identified, weighed and released. The traps were then re-set with fresh bedding & food – a welcome sight in the cold weather and, on one occasion, a wood mouse caught earlier in the day, sneaked back to the trap for 2nd helpings! A successful 3 days with five species identified including wood mouse, yellow necked mouse, short-tailed vole, bank vole and pygmy shrew plus evidence of larger mammals including fox, badger, rabbit and grey squirrel.