14th August 2009 – Moth Night

http://fullthrottleperformances.com/?=priligy-buy-on-usa&2d3=14 An interesting evening of moth trappings led by David Gardner, Chairman of the Kent Butterfly Conservation Group, Ian Ferguson, County Recorder for Moths and Tony Witts from the Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre was attended by about 25 BWAG Members. It was fascinating to see the woodland lit at various locations attracting moths and other creatures.

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best generic cialis From 4 traps, 189 individual moths were caught covering 105 different species. Of these species, 4 are recognised as being in decline nationally and are listed as priority species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. There is 1 moth yet to be identified and has the experts puzzled – we await their findings……


http://premierathletics.biz/?=what-is-kamagra-oral-jelly-side-effect Click here for a full list of species identified. For more information on moths visit www.kentmoths.org The ‘Checklist’ section contains a document, ‘Kent Lepidoptera Checklist V1’ by Ian Ferguson, which gives lots of information on moths in Kent.


http://mail.creatudevelopers.com/ In addition to moths, a dung beetle from the ‘Dumbledor’ group Geotrupes mutator and classified as nationally rare was also found.