No to Gibraltar Farm

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If this development goes ahead it will be devastating for Bredhurst, Hempstead, Wigmore, Lordswood, Boxley and ALL surrounding areas.

Do you think this won’t affect you? IT WILL!

Hundreds of cars will spew onto our country lanes from this new housing estate.

Do you use Capstone Park? Do you love the views over the open countryside? The park will soon be surrounded by rooftops.

The current application for 450 houses is the thin edge of the wedge. The same landowner owns most of Capstone Valley. If he has his way, he’ll build over the lot.

Bredhurst Parish Council is organising a public event on Thursday to raise awareness about this disaster on our doorstep. See the Parish Council website for more details:

Please visit Save Capstone Valley Facebook page for more info – share the page to friends, groups and pages you follow.

It’s time to get angry if you want to SAVE CAPSTONE VALLEY!