6th March – Vehicles Trespassing on Private Land

levitra pills source site cheap cialis india levitra online pharmacy review get free levitra http://guidarini-salvadeo.it/?id=25 kamagra prescription simile al viagra http://bedlinen123.com/2013/04/trackback kamagra prescription http://nalandacharitabletrust.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://nalandacharitabletrust.org/blog/ levitra fda non prescription levitra priligy price in india online A busy day in the woods today. The Police were phoned on 3 separate occasions, twice about off road bikes trespassing on private land and the last call was regarding two 4x4s which were trapped in the woods as both gates were padlocked. The got out by smashing the padlock off at Scragged Oak Road but not before a very good description was given to the Police who attended the scene (actually the Police visited the woods twice today). They also left behind some fairly distinctive tyre tracks which the Police were interested in. A new padlock has been fitted and every time it’s smashed off, we’ll fit a new one.

BWAG now has an extensive network of horse riders, walkers and 4×4 owners who are our eyes and ears and we are all working together to patrol the woods. We are working very closely with the Police and all information is passed to them. If you want to help BWAG to try and stop the destruction of Bredhurst Woods, please email bwag@vanessajones.plus.com

Please remember though, vehicles may use the byway IF they have a KCC permit. Many legitimate off road drivers & riders are just as fed up of the illegal off-road vehicles as we are. We have had reports today of dangerous obstructions being placed across the byway to stop vehicles. We must ask that the byway is kept clear and trees and branches must not be placed across the byway as this could be dangerous.

Please email us if you want to help to be our eyes and ears!