7th February – Extensive Damage to Bredhurst Woods

http://invizaudio.com/?=levitra-time-to-work levitra 20mg price http://guidarini-salvadeo.it/?id=52 http://mens-designerjeans.com/plus/mytag_js.php?arrs1[]=99 online pharmacies levitra cialis for sale in canada kamagra oral jelly for men viagra posologia order levitra kamagra prescription source http://bedlinen123.com/category/bed-linen-fabrics/amp/page/2/ brand levitra online pharmacy how long does levitra last click Why can’t vehicle owners keep to the byway where they’re allowed?! It’s a pretty simple rule. Why must they keep cutting down fences that volunteers have spent hours putting up. One day they may have children of their own and may appreciate taking them somewhere nice. Until then, they just spoil the area for everyone. We wonder if these individuals have ever volunteered for anything in their life…..guess that’s a no!

The damaged fence pictured is the one repaired by volunteers on 11th January when we had an official visit by Mike Bax DL. It didn’t last very long.