May 2014 – Peg’s story

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5 May – Update
This little chap has made it through the night and, although he looked very poorly last night, he produced a ‘cast’ this morning which is a good sign (a cast is a small pellet of fur, feathers, and other indigestible material, regurgitated hours after an Owl has eaten). If he makes it through to tomorrow, he’ll be taken to the Imperial Bird of Prey Academy by Nigel King who will try to rehydrate him. He couldn’t be in better hands! Fingers crossed everyone……
10 May – Update
Peg is still alive and well and getting through many mice!…..His head is still slightly offset but the rest of him is growing and developing nicely…If the neck condition does not improve in the next couple of weeks its very doubtful this bird will able to be successfully released back to the wild so we will have to come up with a plan !