January 2013 – BWAG’s First Land Purchase & Change of Charity Status

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Bredhurst Woods were split into over a hundred plots and sold from the late 1960s onwards. When BWAG was formed in 2005, the first job was to trace the owners and obtain permission to work on their land. Although this arrangement has worked well, the only way BWAG can be confident that the woods will continue as a community amenity is to purchase plots as they become available. Thanks to the generous financial support of members, supporters and a grant from the Whitehead Monckton Charitable Foundation, land ownership has been made possible. BWAG is currently purchasing a second plot of land and, hopefully, more will follow.

The BWAG charity number has changed to 1149618. The original charity status did not allow BWAG to own land and, after taking legal advice, BWAG is now an Incorporated Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee [Registered Company Number 8253717]. The change will not make any difference to the day to day running of the charity but does allow BWAG to own land.