BWAG's Future Plans

  • Identify and work with more landowners
  • Manage the woodland for the benefit of people, wildlife and trees, in accordance with the Management Plan for the site
  • Continue to promote the site to walkers, horseriders and other users
  • Encourage more existing users of the woods to support BWAG/join as members
  • Continue with plant and wildlife surveys
  • Promote BWAG at community events
  • Secure external funding for further land purchases as and when plots become available

Management Plan

Our 2013 – 2018 Management Plan highlights the biodiversity in Bredhurst Hurst and includes good practice for sustainable, multi-use conservation of our ancient woodland. The appendices contain maps. Andrew Wilkinson, guest speaker at the 2012 BWAG AGM, outlines sustainable woodland activities for Bredhurst Hurst in his concept note, Wood that You Could.

Our Five Year Work Plan contains the projects we will be undertaking such as:

  • Maintain and enhance ancient woodland, its biodiversity features and landscape connectivity
  • Improve forest productivity for environmental goods and services
  • Educate and empower greater Bredhurst community to participate in woodland management and conservation activities

In 2008, our initial management plan was written by Kent Wildlife Trust. Many of our original goals such as securing the site & obtaining community support were achieved.


BWAG Objective

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Do You Own Land in Bredhurst Hurst?

In the late 1960s, Bredhurst Hurst was split into 139 plots which were sold individually. One of the hardest tasks BWAG faces is to trace all owners. Land Registry has provided information, but unfortunately, much of this is inaccurate. People have changed address, inherited plots or other circumstances have changed.

To restore the woodland and improve it for wildlife, many vital tasks need to be carried out and BWAG has money available to do this work. With your permission, we would like to include your plot in the maintenance programme. We are currently assisting 52 owners restore their land.

Work will be carried out by qualified contractors and at no expense to yourself.

Of course, before we can include your plot, we need your permission to go ahead. Please email or call 07813 785940 if you wish to discuss this further or to allow your land to be included in our project.

In addition, some owners have indicated they may wish to sell their land. If this is something you would consider, please contact us. BWAG are seeking funds to acquire plots as they become available.

Thank you for your support.